JO CALVINO was so inspired by 5 Star Active lead partners; Active Communities Network, she signed up to be a trustee.

5 Star Active lead partners, Active Communities Network, new trustee, British weightlifting legend Jo Calvino, talks to us about how important the work of the partnership is.

“Active Communities Network definitely tick boxes in the areas I can give back and use my skill sets; education, working in diverse communities and culture groups – weightlifting does break down a lot of barriers, being such a diverse sport around the world.

“Weightlifting is not an expensive sport and it can work in the environments of some of the young people we are looking to engage.

“I’ve done work with pupil referral units before and weightlifting has been a really popular sport. I like the challenge of working with those young people who feel like everything is against them.”

Jo talks about her mentors, growing up in South London, the issues young people face and how the work of Active Communities Network inspired her to sign up as a trustee.

“Sport opens up so many opportunities whether you go on to become an elite level athlete or not. It gives you good skill sets in life.

“You go through your whole school life being told what to do and you get to Year 9 and suddenly you’ve got to pick subjects that will define your career and you haven’t even been given an option before in your life – but sport gives you options.

“I believe that everyone is designed to do a specific sport – you’ve just got to go out and find it.”