5 Star Active has landed a new media campaign #Recipe4Success

The campaign provides employability and life advice for young people to inspire and enable them to reach their potential.

Through the campaign, our staff, trustees and partner’s will record and post advice videos using the # #Recipe4Success – a great way to communicate with young people and show them how you make it, how to land a job and maybe even get that dream job.

5 Star Active would like to invite you to take part in this great initiative, which intends to come with a fresh approach to young people and inspire them to achieve their full potential.

The video can be about anything from how to write a CV, how to be good in an interview, how to climb up the career ladder, your industry or how to figure out what to do for a living or what to study. The only guidelines we need you to stick to are:

– Aim your advice at young people (16-25 years).

– Keep it short (90 seconds max.)

Do you have any good advice for young people? Get involved by posting your video either on our Facebook page or Tweet us using the #Recipe4Success and tag @5staractive – you can also send your video to: info@5staractive.com and we can post the video on our social media channels.