5 Star Active is a formal network of sport for development charities, led by Active Communities Network, delivering services to at risk young people.   Working in partnership across the UK and Ireland, our programmes are open to all young people but are especially targeted at those who have experienced backgrounds of poverty, violence, abuse or neglect. 

As a partnership of like-minded organisations, we work together to engage, mentor and support young people, within their local neighbourhoods, helping to tackle poverty, create opportunities and inspire change. 

5 Star Active, a solution built on evidence and experience, has become a key driving force addressing the youth crime, education and employment agendas. 

What Is 5 Star Active

Tackle Poverty, Create Opportunities, Inspire Change.
A world where children and young people from all backgrounds have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.
Our young people are the future.  They are the solution not the cause.

To work together to support children and young people to broaden their horizons, raise aspirations and provide pathways to achievement.
5 Star Active is built on partnerships which allow for sharing of best practice, stronger programmes, and a bigger impact for young people and their communities.

Our Methodology